|                         El Cap de Creus                         |

|   Cap de Creus is a place where emotions cannot hide. They shake you with the force of the north wind and contain the energy of the rocks. It is a wild space to laugh and mourn, to tremble, to embrace, to live without blinking: if one closes one’s eyes for an instant, one loses a chunk of life.    |

|                         Work                         |

|   For years we have taken pieces of wind to travel, to work, to enjoy. For years it has modified our environment, it has sculpted our personality. For years it has brought us the cold and taken the clouds away. For years it has brought us treasures that have lived in faraway lands. And it is with these wonderful objects brought to us by the north wind that I dream and work. My work is born here, in Cap de Creus. With the strength and expressiveness of these objects that come from days of sea, salt and sun. With each of their shapes, textures and colours. And it is also born from the poetic forms of boats.   |

|                         Jordi Comas Montseny                         |

| JCM. Barcelona, 30 December 1962. . He studied graphic design at the Massana School of Barcelona. In 1984 he began his professional career by working at various graphic design studios. He also held several exhibitions of drawings. After three years, he undertook projects in the media by designing for magazines and El Periódico de Catalunya’s newspaper supplement. In 1991 he began working in advertising as an art director for several multinationals. He joined his current agency, Tiempo BBDO, in 1996, where he has been the creative director since 2003, a position from which he develops multidisciplinary projects and campaigns, both nationally and internationally. He has been on the judging panel at various festivals such as the photography Lux Awards and several advertising festivals. Twice at the Sun Festival, the Latin American Festival of Antigua in Guatemala and the ASPID Awards for pharmaceutical communication. He has also been a member of the board of the ADG / FAD for three years. He has won several Lions at Cannes and numerous prizes in major national and international festivals. In 2010 he resumed his artistic activity in the world of sculpture. In December 2013 and 2014 he participated in group exhibitions at the Gallery Patrick J. Domken in Cadaqués. |

|                         Contact                         |

Jordi Comas Montseny
Plaça Pol Nadal i Mallol nº 5
17489 El Port de la Selva, Girona.
T. +34 680 53 41 81